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Having 70 minutes to yourself every day can be fundamental to your growth. You can cook your favourite meal, go for a walk, spend quality time with your family, take a yoga class, finally learn to play an instrument and even learn a new language. These 70 minutes can help you reach your goals faster — personally and professionally.

With a focus on improving productivity and efficiency, we created a work item management tool for software teams and project managers who never stop working.


Here comes Almo!

Almo is an affordable work item management tool for Azure DevOps Service that works with REST-based APIs. As a Microsoft Outlook addin, it enables you to manage the existing work items and create new ones straight from your internal and external emails, calendar appointments, and tasks.

An Azure DevOps Service and Office integration add-in, Almo increases your productivity by eliminating the need for manual labour in doing duplicate and repetitive tasks.

Almo helps in creating and tracking relevant work items efficiently. It comes with several features like Templates and Auto Pilot that empower you to automate duplicative work so that you can focus on your core tasks. Plus, it is available in multiple languages!

If you are using on-premise Azure DevOps Server or Team Foundation Server (TFS), download TMO for work item management.


Effortless Productivity Save 90 minutes every day

While other software teams are busy creating work items manually, you can save up to 70 minutes every day with Almo. Work smart, not hard!

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