Quick Start Guide to Almo

Almo is a single Microsoft Outlook addin that connects with Azure DevOps and helps in easy work item creation and management. It automates repetitive tasks and enables you to reduce manual labour by 15%.

Ready for a more efficient way of working? Download Almo and start using it in just three steps:

Add Work Item Types to Almo Settings

To create a work item, go to the Almo toolbar and select ‘Open Settings.’ A dialogue box will open with a list of work item types you can work with. You can also add new work item types by clicking ‘Add’ and/or delete the existing ones by selecting the ‘Remove’ option. 

This screen shows various settings in Almo that a user can set. A user can specify what work item types they want to work with on this screen.
Almo’s Settings screen with various options to customize Almo’s operations.

Connect to an Azure DevOps Server

Click “Connect to DevOps” button in the Almo menu. 

Click the connect to devops button to connect to an Azure DevOps Service organisation
Connect to DevOps enables connection to Azure DevOps


In the next screen, click “Add Server”, enter the server URL and press ‘Add.’ Once the authentication is complete, Almo will display a list of alphabetically-sorted projects. Check the project(s) you want to work with and click ‘Ok.’

Use the Almo's Add New Server Window to add the Azure DevOps Organisation you want to connect to then select the projects you want to work with
Connect to Azure DevOps Organisation and projects

Create and Save a Work Item

Click on the email that you want to associate with a work item and then select the ‘New or Find’ option from the Almo toolbar. This will open a dropdown menu containing the work item type. You can also select existing work items.

Use the New or Find menu to create a new work item type from Outlook using Almo.
Select a project and work item type using New of Find menu

Select the work item type and Almo will pick up important information from the email and pre-populate fields in the work item type.

The main work item form shows all the Azure Devops fields you can populate using Almo and Outlook
Main work item form renders in Outlook

Pro tip: you can modify this behaviour by using Templates.

Finally, click ‘Save’ and Almo will create the work item. 

Almo will automatically attach a copy of the email and other related attachments to the work item it creates. You can load the work item again in Microsoft Outlook and track all the updates.

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